Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Small & Large Thoughts is my ongoing project that began some years ago when I observed the remnants of my bowl of yogurt suggesting the strokes of a paintbrush. My initial art training had been in painting and drawing and I maintain an interest in all media. I began my commentary on the relationship of the photographic image to other media, painting in particular, using a traditional medium, gelatin silver prints. To more fully address paint, I gravitated toward color archival inkjet prints (Not abandoning the black & white) and increased the scale.  Prints have ranged in scale from 4”x6” to typically 22”x30”, 27”x40” and, most recently, I have produced a large abstraction of 40”x60”. This is an exploration that I would like to expand.

A casual glance occurs again. In shooting, I looked over and noticed old spoonfuls of yogurt, now given over to decay, empty containers demanding to be stacked, sculptural presences. Containers are stacked like building blocks. Spoons become containers. They are both sculptural presences and paint repositories. They act like brushes for my palette. Time intercedes and these articles take on additional meaning. Entropy ensues. The spoons have given themselves over to decay. My act of photographing is a reclamation. Reclaiming and reexamining heirlooms of home, mine & others, is that process of reclamation; not merely recycling objects and collecting memories, but claiming their very simplicity as material for art-making.