Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

My studio practice consists of various works on paper – drawing, painting, collage; and ephemeral projects that involve adhering layers of painted paper to existing walls in public spaces. Recently I’ve been working on a series of large-scale acrylic paintings on paper that combine elements of human design and the natural world into psychic spaces.

I work primarily with landscape imagery and observe the external world as a projection of human consciousness. Through drawing and painting I construct spaces that contain opposing ideas; vast natural environments contained through architecture, ephemeral landscapes seen through graphic screens, imagined places that flip between the sublime and the personal.

My process begins with a series of quick graphite drawings to describe an idea and experiment with different spatial compositions. I then create a small painting or collaged study to examine color possibilities. Color is an essential element in my work and defines the psychological territory within each painting. My palettes lean toward the supernatural, imbuing each work with qualities that are familiar and disquieting.

I build each image from thinly applied layers of acrylic on paper. The finished paintings are products of translation, departures from earlier preparations into an expanded territory. As I negotiate between the idea and the physical properties of the materials, the process parallels the imagery, relying on an active exchange between human and natural forces.