Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Jennifer Zackin is a social practice artist who is concerned with cultivating relationships based on reciprocity. She draws on permaculture concepts and her experiences with traditional forms of ritual and ceremony to create sculpture, installation, and works of public art that highlight nature’s patterns, emphasize our sense of interconnectedness through reverence and stewardship, and invite community and collaborative engagement.

For the last 10 years Jennifer Zackin has been fervently integrating public art, sculpture, installation, performance, community, collaboration, ceremony, photography, collage and drawing in a process that offers reverence and reciprocity. Jennifer wraps tree’s, grows medicianl herbs in a public garden for public use, offers large masses of rose petals to oceans and lakes, creates hair booms made out of salvaged materials to help aid in the clean up efforts of toxic spills.

Writing in a cataloque essay about her work Lori Waxman states; “Jennifer Zackin has worked with Rose Petals, Little Plastic Cowboys, pre-Columbian symbols, bright handmade pom-poms, cheap mass-produced posters, coca leaves, and her grandfathers old Super-8 home movies. How she weaves them into rhythmic, often meditative forms depends in great part on the underlying pattern that she is able to detect and orchestrate among her diverse materials.”