Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Empty packs of cigarettes find their way to the ground and get crushed by cars or human traffic. They are rained and snowed upon and kicked around for months.  The forces of nature and the inhabitants of the city are preparing these discarded cigarette packs for me to draw from. I consider this artwork a way of taking the nasty habits of smoking and littering, and re-contextualizing the resultant trash for a positive purpose.

Looking at our garbage tells us about who we are; it is a cultural artifact of the age in which we live. What is now trash was, at one point in time, a very important possession for many people.  When a cigarette package is empty, it is quickly discarded as trash.  At first it is valued as extremely important, but in the end it becomes totally useless. This is the action of a disposable culture. We all participate to some extent in this culture and in doing so we are leaving our mark on the earth.  These actions will echo into the future to eventually become our legacy.

This new body of work is a result of close examination of these items which have been discarded, seemingly without another thought. By not only examining but by re-making these cigarette packs at an increased scale, I implore us to look at what we have left behind.