Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

I believe that my role as an artist is to inspire and energize people with love and positive energy through my art, which is creating magical forms and imaginative spaces. Through my playful abstract forms, I portray a metaphorical world where there are no cultural, political, racial, religious, national and ideological differences – no boundaries. It is a transcendental space filled with love and joyful energy.

For almost two decades, I’ve been developing diverse mixed media techniques, a combination of traditional techniques such as freehand drawing, painting, collage, sewing, and stamping with various digital techniques which include lenticular prints (holograms), stenciling, sticker making, digital print, digital cutting, photography, and animation

In my work, my interest is in creating a form that resembles a living organism by combining small, repeating images that assemble into a larger, more intriguing form. This approach employs some unique cloning and collage techniques, as well as a distinctive vocabulary. The special characteristics of these works lie in the repetitive, playful combinations of cartoon-like symbols and marks. When creating forms digitally, I use each small image like a living cell, replicating them with slight variations in their form.

The lenticulars and mirrors in my work add the element of time to my installation. The reflection in the mirror suggests the viewer’s present time and space in contrast to the space around the mirror already defined by the artist.