Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

George Corsillo is the co-owner and art director of Design Monsters, a small design studio in Westville, New Haven, CT. George studied Graphic Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY where he earned his BFA.

His first job out of Pratt was at Warner Paperback Library. From there he moved to Paul Bacon Studio where he was exposed to all of the major New York publishing houses.  He had been Paul’s assistant for three years until he moved to Los Angeles to work for Gribbitt! Design Studio. At Gribbitt! he worked with major record labels (RCA, Casablanca, Soul Train, Columbia, etc.) designing album packages such as Grease, The Original Movie Soundtrack.

After moving back to the New York area, George started Design Monsters, designing book jackets and book interiors –– Brett Easton Ellis’s Less Than Zero, Ultra Violet’s biography of Andy Warhol, Famous for 15 Minutes, Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove (as well as the logo and title graphics for the TV mini-series).  And also designing album packages for Bob Dylan, Jefferson Starship, Dolly Parton, Yoko Ono, Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi. Luther Vandross and John Mellencamp were both musicians with whom he collaborated for many years, creating posters, tour merchandise, videos, etc. as well as designing over a dozen album covers for each of them.

Since moving to New Haven, George has focused his career on posters, products, books and typography. Currently, he is the graphic designer for Garry Trudeau (He colors the Sunday comic each week) designing his books and posters. He has had the opportunity to produce books for David Levinthal’s exhibitions in DC and NY.