Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

It’s riveting.
It’s daring.

It’s a painstakingly open and shockingly honest expressive, pictorial dialogue on racial iniquity within the Black community; among black women specifically. This series gives voice to the unspoken issue of colorism in the Black community, bringing it to the forefront in a healthy and meaningful way.

Marred by her own experiences as a darker toned Black woman, Ebony B. partnered with other women with similar stories to expose the pain, strength and struggle darker skinned women face in a color-conscious society.

The portraits capture the essence of Black beauty in all shades and splendor while challenging audiences to look toward a deeper meaning of beauty and worth.

Through her images and insight, Ebony B. has taken a seemingly harsh and ugly topic and shown it through the beauty of courage, self-awareness, and self-love. Hey Ugly, ironically named to relinquish all power from the thought of all ugliness, is a bolstering call to radically redefine beauty while empowering black women of all shades and tones to embrace the true beauty that radiates from their core and emanates to others.