Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Deborah Dancy is a multi-media artist abstract artist, whose, paintings, drawings, digital photography and small sculptures are situated between abstraction and representation. There is an undercurrent of subtle but urgent tension in her work, as she builds tangential entanglements, linear demarcations, erasures and abutting shapes that provoke, entice and disrupt; -taking us everywhere and nowhere. From densely painted forms to more minimally declared images, Dancy’s work operates in the recognition that everyday moments, meanderings, intentional and accidental observations and notations, are best when the beautiful and the disconcerting are combined.

Her paintings and drawings, are sensuous provocations beset with marks that guide, then abruptly collide into confrontational slabs of color. She builds small sculptures, cobbled bricolage constructed of detritus, found and fabricated objects, that are humorous and grotesque, which offer a pitiful and wistful commentary on our disparate world. And in photography her works feature an assortment of images, including faceless self-portraits that are as eloquent and defiant as those of the lone black porcelain figurine surrounded by a collection of attendant white ones.

In all her work, Deborah Dancy is an artist who examines and mines abstraction’s potential to move across mediums and materials as it explores subtly and confrontation.