Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

In addition to practicing architecture in New Haven, CT, David Coon also maintains an artistic practice. He works principally in the medium of color photography and making collage. David’s goal is to capture the bleak and often melancholy beauty of the passing American landscape. Due to enormous economic and environmental shifts, vast swaths of the United States’ inhabited landscape are undergoing massive change. Industrial and commercial landscapes are dissipating, rural lands are further depopulating, and urban areas, formerly deemed undesirable, will soon be repopulated.

All of this movement creates precincts of immense interest and importance David. David is not the first to feel the pull of this particular photographic impulse. My stark and detached vision of the American landscape hopefully finds something unique in these familiar places. David’s principal photographic influences are the work of William Eggleston, Stephen Shore and the photographers and body of work known as ‘The New Topographics’.

When making new collage, David’s influences remain the same today as they have been in the past; the expediency and excitement of punk rock ‘zines, record sleeves and gig flyers. David finds interest and influence in self-trained artists, such as Raymond Pettibon, that have become recognized as gallery artists during their career.