Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

My recent drawings and prints portray suburban youth looking to parties for a sense of escape. The work is semi-autobiographical, relying on the combination of memories and imagination to create the narrative. The compositions are awkward as figures fill the scene, often cropped abruptly and in sensitive areas such as their necks or wrists. The leads to arms flailing wildly into the picture, which are inappropriately placed or pointing at others. The inconsistent and shifting perspective used to compose the images offers a whimsical look into a world of binge drinking and strange love triangles.

This work was heavily influence by early 20th century German Expressionist woodblock prints; I found inspiration in their expressive use of black. Soon after studying the prints, I began to incorporate strong pop elements against the raw black in my own woodblock prints. I was thinking about balancing the idea between humor and horror through the use of bright colors and black. This idea carried into the drawings as well, and I started using cut paper with decorative patterns as a new pop element. Early on in the series a soft feminine pink paper was incorporated and I paired this pattern with the male figures. This juxtaposition has been a starting point to exploring masculinity through femininity and rethinking the male image.