Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

In the summer of 2016, with no particular plan in mind, I made a series of photographs of sheets slept on in a hotel room in Philadelphia. It was mid-morning and bright sunlight was streaking through Venetian blinds. The white cotton was heavier than sheets at home so the landscape formed by the creases and folds was more articulated and pronounced. I was looking for a related motif at home – my own sheets didn’t fill the bill and neither did the wrinkled brown paper I had been photographing. Then we got a new lamp. These pictures are based on that lamp. These nine digital photographs are all from 2018. Whether working on canvas, with paper, in photography, my work is always about painting, gesture, the ways that hard edges interact with soft ones in constructed spaces. My work always, representationally or abstractly and obliquely, leads back to the body.