Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

These pieces are all of collages which I consider to be drawings of a sort. They are occupied with figural themes — embodiment, making [a body of] work, figuring it out. Every element has been made by my hand out of various materials. Collage lets me prepare in advance to then improvise both the small relationships (smooth against rough, sharp lines and soft, dark and light) and out of these build larger forms, to body-forth something that provides a visual playground for the eyes. They are meant to be explored over time. Collage also lets me combine media that would otherwise be hard to combine owing to chemical incompatibilities or mechanical ones.
They are born over time and often made from old work I no longer wishes to keep, detritus or leftover pieces from other works entirely. In this way they both literally recycle and figuratively make manifest my encounter with the present in my studio that includes shards from my past.


I have been an exhibiting artist since 1972. I was a Connecticut Commission on the Arts grantee in 1977. I have completed a variety of commissions of expressive work and have two portraits in the collection of Saybrook College, Yale University.  I have participated in all but two of the years of CWOS. I taught drawing at the Guilford Handcrafts Center, Creative Arts Workshop, and for ten years in the College Seminar Program of Yale College. I can provide greater detail if needed.  Since 2000 I have been teaching Visual Persuasion in the Law at Quinnipiac University School of Law, a course which involves, among other things, teaching the basics of graphic design and digital video.