Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

I work with graphite and seek to challenge its capabilities through varied fields and applications, including object making. In order to expand upon the traditional drawing medium I make my own graphite pencils from raw materials and I also incorporate factory made graphite pencils into my work. By drawing on paper I maintain the historical apparatus specific to drawing while setting up new contrasts and formal problems through line, space, value, and texture. These challenges are intended to expand the drawing material by placing it into relevant dialogues it shares with contemporary abstract painting.

The Glitch series is informed by the mash ups and datamoshing processes commonly used in video art where seemly unrelated signifiers blend and clash on a single surface. As a parallel, the Glitch series uses layered compositions of compressed historical artifacts to explore the materiality of graphite and the semiotic power of line. Through processes of assimilation I juxtapose flat forms with three dimensional shapes, intricate patterns with flat lines, and hand drawn imagery with pixilated computer-generated marks. In montage arrangements of varied marks and drawing systems, I rely on the abilities of line to act as both a formal and a semiotic device signifying a myriad of references including Saltillo serapes, Mexican-Indian pottery, and other motifs specific to my cultural identity. The end result is the aestheticizing of condensed visual artifacts derived from a number of cultural historical sources.