Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

Many ancient symbols posit that the microcosm (the emotional world inside of one man, or the subatomic activity that physically sustains him) is identical to the macrocosm (the shape of a galaxy seen from thousands of light-years’ distance, or the mythic architecture of the city of God). Alignment with this lively order – powerful, sustaining, entirely alive, pre-moral and primordial – sanctifies and heals.

My large-scale patterned wall paintings begin as small abstract paintings of forms and rhythms. These small, gestural, colorful first paintings are derived from my loose observation of natural forms. I make these preliminary paintings quickly, working through many versions of the same composition to create works that, to me, come close to depicting the beginning of a life or the awakening of a moment of great joy. Their simple geometric compositions connect them to ancient symbols of fertility, life, the sun, and