Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

The Travelogue project began as a practice of shooting from a moving car without looking through the viewfinder. When driving the car the practice of not choosing anything other than where to point the camera is enforced necessarily by concerns for safety. Of course, most of the images captured this way are at the margin areas of visibility or legibility. I also choose to enhance the abstraction of the images by using single glass or plastic lens optics in the camera, as well as an altered infrared camera. Serendipity provides some images that resonate for me, and these are the images I choose to print. In the Paris, TX pieces included in the flatfile, I chose images inspired by lines from Wim Wender’s film Paris, TX. I think of these sequences as visual haiku.

Barbara Hocker is a Connecticut native with extensive experience creating and exhibiting work including shows and projects in Hartford, New Haven, Newport, and Boston. She has work in several corporate and private collections, including the permanent collection of The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan and White Plains Hospital. Barbara received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Greater Hartford Arts Council in 2008, a Creation of New Work Initiative Grant from the Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation, Inc in 2012, and an Artist Resource Trust Fellowship in 2017. She holds a degree from Syracuse University’s College of Visual & Performing Arts and attended Cranbrook Academy of Arts. Barbara lives in Bolton, CT and maintains a studio in the Arbor Arts Center in Hartford. She has been practicing Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Zen Yoga for over 25 years.