Flatfile Collection

Artist Statement

In my studio, piles of paper trimmed from junk mail, ad circulars, bills, forms and packaging are materials for construction. As consumer and examiner of the language of capitalism, I clip and save, organize and re-use the printed matter that saturates the topography of my life.

Works are shaped through intense collaging, painting, layering and excavation of surfaces. I think of my work as landscape. One that is shaped through its material content–that is in some way an anthropological survey of the world in which I live.

I utilize both formal and linguistic strategies–visual and verbal pathways when making works. I often begin with accumulations: adjectives, prices, barcodes, recycling symbols, etc…, that when amassed achieve a visual density that is static-like, restless and more-or-less homogenous. It is through these ever-evolving strategies that I am able to explore the intersections and the enticements of the institutions that structure our world-views.