Flat File

Things I’ve Seen

Curator: Simeon Durham

May 15—August 19, 2008


Robert Knight and Andrew Hogan

Student Curator Simeon Durham, of the Hyde Leadership Academy, selected the work of two artists from the Artpsace Flafile, Robert Knight and Andrew Hogan, for his exhibition, Things I’ve Seen. Robert Knight’s colorful photographs playfully expose the personal space of the bedroom. Andrew Hogan pushes the standards of lighting practices in documentary photography in his series, 12 Images of New Haven at Dusk and After.

Robert Knight is a representational photographer basing his photography on real life. He captures interior scenes–inside of houses, objects within those houses, and things that are generally considered “everyday.” To him these useless things have the ability to become works of art that show the life and individuality within the enclosed walls of a house. Inspired by Larry Sultan, a California native, Robert Knight defines what representational photography is all about–subjectively portraying a moment in time. I asked Robert, “What would you like the viewer to know about your artwork?” He said, “That my artwork is a reflection of those people who give me the privilege of entering their homes and taking the photographs, as well as, a reflection of myself.”

Inspired by Robert Frank, a European photographer, Andrew Hogan focuses his unique style on real life, but unlike Robert Knight, he photographs exteriors–expressing his love of everything–sundown, trees, building, etc. During our studio visit with Andrew, I also saw his black and white street photography–catching people when they least expect it and making it into a beautiful work of art. His color photographs capture the almost unnatural light and color that is present only to the most thoughtful of viewers. Andrew Hogan’s strength is in his love of capturing life through the eye of the lens.

I love the way both Robert Knight and Andrew Hogan express themselves. Both of their styles relate to my personality. Robert Knight bases his photography on interiors, which represents my shy side–the very personal side of me. Andrew Hogan relates to my out-going side–the side that doesn’t have a care in the world, taking it all in.

Simeon Durham is a sophomore at Hyde Leadership Academy, a New Haven Public High School in Hamden, CT.