The Answer is Dark considers the tragic and worrying aspects of the Golem story. A golem is a creature of Jewish mythology that was created through incantations and the placement of magical words upon it’s clay forehead.  Although hubristically created to serve, a golem is clumsy and dangerous.  Unlike humans, he is incapable of wisdom. We see examples of more modern golems in the characters of Frankenstein and the even more recent Incredible Hulk. Today, society grows increasingly dependent on technologies that like golem, are aimed to bring more ease into our daily lives. This exhibit examines the potential danger of humanity’s ever growing reliance on mechanization. The palette of this show is somber and the mood somewhat melancholy as this show confronts the golem that we live with and explores how this legend addresses issues that challenge us today.

Featuring artists: Debra Baxter & Margot Quan, Dana Cohen, J.P.Culligan , William Downs, James Duval, Alan Neider, Fethi Meghelli, Thomas Stavovy and Jonathan Waters.

This exhibition is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation.