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Summer Apprenticeship Program 2006: Ensemble

July 21—September 16, 2006

Each summer Artspace is faced with the task of finding one artist and a group of high school students to work together in the spirit of collaboration. In just three short weeks this group gets to know each other, learns new art-making skills, and completes an intricate installation in the Artspace galleries. The goal of this project is to provide new experiences for both the students and the artist and to create a work that becomes a proud part of the legacy of all those involved. It may sound daunting, but each year, without fail, Artspace, one artist, and a group of students pull off this Herculean task.

We are pleased to say that this, our sixth year, is no different, as New York-based artist Jean Shin served as the brave artist-in-residence. Over three weeks in July, Shin and her 13 student apprentices created an installation that explored the transformation of individual identity into a collective vision. This shift began as each apprentice brought in items of clothing representing themselves; these objects were then disassembled and reconfigured to create the insta