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Scott Penkava: I make Art and I’m not smarter than you

May 3—May 31, 2012

We think that the sculptor and installation artist Scott Penkava is best explained in his own words. After admitting that he wasn’t “exactly” raised by wolves, Penkava explains: “The problem arises when you become what you thought was cool when you were ten, and now you’re a grown up and some of that is kind of silly, because being everything that you learned from Bruce Springsteen’s three minute record doesn’t quite add up to a life. At the same time that inner child is still kicking around in there, and needs your attention the same as ever… I’m building a lego model of a motorcycle that I’m going to have when I grow up.”

At Artspace, expect to find a sheetrock grandfather clock (an heirloom made by a day laborer), an unsettling invitation, a machine trying to understand itself, and a tribute to The Big Lebowski: a chemical model of psilocybin built out of pipes and bowling balls.