Proper Villains

Curator: David Hunt

August 10—September 28, 2002


Matthew Bakkom, Jon Bauer, Monika Bravo, Jonathan Calm, Andrew Chesler, Andrea Cohen, Richard Dupont, Jonmarc Edwards, Nicole Englemann, Diana Shpungin, Angelo Filomeno, Lilah Freedland, Amy Gartrell, Meghan Gerety, Daniel Heimbinder, Tilo Kaiser, Zachary Keeting, Dan Kopp, Ken Linehan, Giles Lyon, John Mahoney, Max Carlos Martinez, Caitlin Masley, Christopher Mir, Warren Neidich, John Newsom, Diana Puntar, Kanishka Raja, Gerald Saladyga, Bill Sayler, Carl Sholz, Aaron Spangler, Craig Taylor, Gordon Terry, Anne Thompson, Jaime Ursic, Mark Dean Veca, Suzanne Walters, Hans Wilschut, and Su-en Wong

installation view of Proper Villains. Image credit: Paul Warchola.

An artist, never one to live in a cave, must either embrace the reality conjured by the first term, flip the script as in the second, or dial in their “emergency” response with a newly acquired sense of urgency. Painting, sculpture, photography and video from 40 artists. Curated by David Hunt.