Crown St. Window

Phil Lique

February 1—March 31, 2016

Phil Lique, Untitled: is dead now, 2016. Mixed media.

Phil Lique makes large mixed media assemblages that often juxtapose cheap found materials with culturally taboo narratives, neuroses, and political hot-button issues of our times.  Formally, this work aims to maximize the limited space between the window and the wall by creating a tableau style installation that is best viewed from the street.  Conceptually, the piece is a playful investigation of object, context, color and assigned meaning that reminds us of a roadside memorial to a lost loved one.  The yellow frame of the inverted “Lower 48” states pushes the viewer to think about division, death and loss at a collective level, portending the Presidential Elections.

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The Crown Street Window Project invites artists to make street-facing installations along the Crown Street side of Artspace’s gallery. Artists create unique works of art in dialogue with the street and the community, utilizing the visibility offered by this location.