Main Gallery

Our Daily Rite

Curator: Meredith Miller

February 9—March 24, 2012


Hillary Charnas, Jamie Davis, Matthew Feiner, Steve Giovinco, Pia Linz, Beth Castle Lovell, Ken Lovell, Martyna Matusiak, Nyeema Morgan, Karen Nangle, T. Willie Raney, Rob Rocke

Our Daily Rite examines work by local and international artists who engage in daily art making or explore the concept of ritual and marking time. Like Eleanor Antin’s photographic installation which documented her daily weight loss over thirty-six days in 1972, artists have long been performing and documenting daily rituals. With the advent of social media, the daily art project has taken hold. Artists now upload and share their daily art projects instantaneously and hold themselves accountable to their social networks – to the perceived expectation and promise of one more day. This ritualistic aspect of daily art projects, whether a drawing, painting, or photo a day, reveals that the practice is in and of itself as vital to both the artist and the viewer as the resulting imagery.

With work by Hillary Charnas (New York); Jamie Davis (Ohio); Matthew Feiner (Connecticut); Steve Giovinco (New York); Pia Linz (Germany); Beth Castle Lovell (Connecticut); Ken Lovell (Connecticut); Martyna Matusiak (Poland); Nyeema Morgan (New York); Karen Nangle (Connecticut); T. Willie Raney (Connecticut); and Rob Rocke (Connecticut).