Open to the Public: Exhibition of Drawings

Curator: Paul Clabby

September 15—October 28, 1995


Salvatore Scalora

Open to the Public addressed the range of contemporary drawing. Originally a form subordinate to painting and sculpture, today it is recognized as an independent art form. Chosen by the artists for its economy and directness, the drawing in this exhibition succeeds in retaining many of the expressive qualities found in private sketchbooks and preparatory works, although it was intended, from the start, for public viewing.

The displacement of paper as the primary support typifies the approach of this group. Only two of the thirteen artists in this exhibition start with the blank piece of drawing paper. Some of the artists even do away with the conventional support altogether. Artists are drawing on materials as diverse as blackboards, photographs, fabric, plastic and the gallery itself.

By challenging traditional issues of drawing, including scale, site specificity, and the conceptual integration of format, all of the work in Open to the Public expresses the desire to be made public.

—Paul Clabby, Curator