Note Well

Curators: Klaus Ottmann, Zina Davis, Richard Klein, Laurene Buckley, Andrea Miller-Keller

February 2—March 9, 1996


Five curators and directors of museums and galleries throughout Connecticut were invited to participate in the exhibition, Note Well. Each was asked to select an artist deserving of greater attention and to write a brief statement about what guided the choice.

The strength of personal vision manifested in the work of each of the selected artists attests to the vitality of the visual arts in Connecticut. Note Well highlighted the broad range of perspectives that exist across the state, both at the level of artistic activity and at the curatorial level.

—Eileen Doktorski and Eve Ingalls,
Artspace Visual Arts Committee Co-chairs

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Klaus Ottmann
Curator of Exhbitions, Zilka Gallery, Wesleyan University

Zina Davis
Director, Joseloff Gallery, University of Hartford

Richard Klein
Assistant Director, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art

Laurene Buckley
Director, New Britain Museum of American Art

Andrea Miller-Keller
Emily Hall Tremaine Curator of Contemporary Art, Wadsworth Atheneum