The Lot

Mini Golf

Curator: Michael Galvin

September 1—November 8, 2013


Ian Applegate

Healther Bizon

Silas Finch

Matt Feiner

Willie Hoffman

Rocko Gallipoli

Linda Lindroth

Craig Newick

Jeff Carter


Dana Scinto

Artspace is pleased to announce New Haven’s first Artist-designed outdoor mini-golf installation at “The Lot,” on lower Chapel Street between Church and Orange Streets. An opening reception will include food and prizes, in celebration of On 9/First Friday. This installation is a full, playable 9-hole mini golf course which will be open to the public for play during gallery hours for only $5 a game. Each hole in the course has been designed and created by a local artist. In opening this installation to public participation and play, Artspace strives both to support and promote local artists, and to bring engaging, world-quality art to the streets and citizens of New Haven.

Featured Artists: Ian Applegate, Healther Bizon, Silas Finch, Matt Feiner, Willie Hoffman, Rocko Gallipoli, Linda Lindroth, Craig Newick, Jeff Carter, MakeHaven, Dana Scinto.

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