Project Room

Memory Project I: Subtitles

Robin Press

March 23—May 1, 2010

Robin Press probes the complexities of time, memory, language, and the nature of human existence in The Memory Project I.  The multimedia installation spans Galleries 5 and 6 at Artspace, and the intricacies of Press’s work unfold across an array of media.  At the core, Memory Project I is about communication. The impetus for the project was the artist’s own interest in communicating to other people about personal and collective experiences. Press sent e-mails to people from all walks of life asking them to share their most vivid childhood memory. She presents an aural and visual translation of her respondents’ descriptions in the two galleries. In Gallery 6, visitors hear the artist’s voice as she narrates the memories given to her. Press has placed a small notebook on a pedestal adjacent to the gallery for visitors to contribute their own memories. In Gallery 5, Press has installed a series of small silk-screen prints as a visual accompaniment—the subjects of her stories appear with text overlaying the image. Through Memory Project I, Press gives ephemeral, personal moments a permanent, collective legacy.