Project Room

Martin Kruck – Geomancia: Phase II

August 16—September 20, 2003


Martin Kruck


Comedian Lewis Black once commented that he has been to the end of the universe and it is in Houston, TX, where there is a Starbuck’s across the street from a Starbuck’s. Our understanding of the obvious lack of a real need for a Starbuck’s to be across the street from another Starbuck’s is essential to the humor of Mr. Black’s statement.

In contrast, however, I am captivated by the realization that not only can there be a Starbuck’s across the street from a Starbuck’s in our culture, but that at some point (maybe even now)  we will not find this strange, or funny. If we accept the Starbuck’s sign as the symbol for coffee we will accept that Seattle, WA is the origin of coffee rather than a plant in Colombia or Guatemala.

The images in the Geomancia series explore the emergence of an even newer level of hyper-reality; the gray-zone between what we now accept as natural (artifice) and artifice.