Main Gallery

Mall of America

February 9—March 27, 2011


Liz Lindon

Mall of America is an exhibition about abundance, and the creation of desire.  Using mass produced goods, Linden examines the aggregated sameness of globally disemminated desire, and the paradoxical perception of individuality through consumption of mass produced products.  There is an  overwhelming will towards sameness across forms and narrative – and that will towards sameness forms the narrative of the exhibition.

Included as part of Mall of America is California closet, a site-specific installation made up of an excess of Elfa units. Like a California Closet on steroids, the sculpture will be filled with so many organizing elements that there will be no room to store anything — it is all form and no content.

California closet is both a pithy analysis of contemporary culture that fetishizes one’s belongings, displaying them so that they exist perpetually as products in a store: we are forever always shopping, even when we are inside of our closets.

Also within Mall of America is exquisite corpse, a formal exploration of sameness using the ready-made trisected form of the centerfold to mix-and-match a model to perfection.  The assembly-line ease with which the images can be pulled apart and reconfigured point once more our uniform definitions of that which is desirable.