Lunch with Olympia on the Green

Curated by Sarah Fritchey

October 4—October 27, 2013


Michael Angelis
Sophie Aston
Monique Atherton
Johanna Bresnick
Jean Bronson Galli
Jeremy Chandler
Susan Clinard
Geoff Detrani
Michael Galvin and Kyle Skar
Kristina Kuester-Witt
Janet Lage
Linda Lindroth
Jane Lubin
Laura Marsh
William Meddick
Lawrence Morrelli
Raheem Nelson
Steven Nicholson
Jason Noushin
Nancy Peel Gladwell
Thuan Vu

This exhibition begins where Lunch with Olympia (a concurrent exhibition curated by Robert Storr and Carol Armstrong around the history of Manet’s influence on visual arts and culture) leaves off– in the immediate moment.  The shows looks at work by City-Wide Open Studios 2013 artists that responds critically and urgently to issues surrounding gender, sex, race, class, and the precarious relationship between nature and technology.  Rather than assemble the works in a shared exhibition venue,  this project leaves the works in the context of each artists’ studios, so CWOS visitors are encouraged to journey through each space.

View the exhibition catalogue here.