Linda Darling, John Gintoff, and Jason Green

April 5—May 4, 1996

“There is a certain opacity in looking in the mirror with the present moment begging definition without any sense of the clarity of history or the uncertainty of future to guide you. I feel this way when I look at the images, moving pictures present in our culture, forever positing the intricacies of meaning in direct proportion that we fear its loss.”

-Linda Darling

“An amalgam of cruciform shaped pieces (each piece is made of composite images numbering from 13 to 26).  The cross shape inspired by the Cimabue crucifix at Santa Croce, Florence, Italy. The cross shape has inherent symbolic meaning. I add to this by using 20th century images that have been mechanically reproduced.”

-John Gintoff

“My work is informed by the physical and conceptual relationships I have discovered within and outside the academic environment. I attempt to forge a connection between myself, the materials I work with, and my surroundings. My forms are born out of interaction with the vernacular objects in my environment and their connection to my personal history. I am interested in how material transformations relate to the intellectual, spiritual, and psychic transformations within myself.”

-Jason Green