Kimberly Hart and Zachary Lytle

June 19—July 28, 2000


Kimberly Hart, Zachary Lytle

Connecticut-based artist, Zachary Lytle, creates painted beeswax figures of himself and his family. Kimberly Hart of Brooklyn, uses traditional techniques to expand our expectations of handmade crafts. Both artists engage us in a conversation about scale.

“Borrowing from both historical tradition and more contemporary kitsch,” Kimberly Hart uses them as a vehicle for her preoccupation with system, process and materiality. Small in scale, Zachary Lytle’s figures place us in the role of a giant observer taking in a “normal” event, such as a person walking and view it as an entirely new experience.

Kimberly Hart was awarded a second year Fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The work shown here was the result of her first year at the Work Center.

Zachary Lytle is a recent recipient of the Gloucester Landscape Painting Prize. He is a graduate of the Yale MFA Painting Program.