Crown St. Window

Justicia No Tiene Misericordia

July 28—September 9, 2017


Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez

Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez, from the series Justicia No Tiene Misericordia, 2017. Digital Photography.

Justicia No Tiene Misericordia is an ongoing photographic project that focuses on the growing resistance against fascism, and the environments that nurture its growth. Over the course of my first semester in college I began photographing protests, rallies, social gatherings with the intention of discussing the next steps after the election and struggles that marginalized groups are currently facing. I began to take a few photographs and overlap, conveying complex emotions or thought processes. I would experiment with how one image can fit with the another. The works are multiple photographs layered on top of each other, texts from peers dismissing my concerns of microaggressions I received from them and of my own safety in the days after the election results.

This new era of political and social change that is being organized and rallied for is reminiscent of the Civil Rights movement and has only been growing with every attempt to dismantle it. My purpose with this work is to record what is being organized against our government in a way that does not water down its message by those who are unaware of marginalized people’s oppression and how capitalism must also be dismantled and destroyed.