Flat File


Curator: Kristen Erickson and Erin Riley

July 27—September 15, 2012


Hannah Cole, Keith Johnson, Carolyn Monastra, Robert Morris, Lori Nix, Jessica Schwind, Jeff Slomba, Joseph Smolinski, and Bradley Wollman

Interventions features works from Artspace’s Flatfile that are centered on the theme of human intrusions into nature. The Flatfile, Artspace’s rotating collection of works on paper, celebrates a diverse collection of local and regional artists. Many of the works featured in this exhibition deliberately play on a sense of what is real; some through mechanical alterations, such as that of a camera lens; others through staged recreations and dioramas; and still others through shifts in scale. Collectively, these works seem to offer a reminder, subtle or otherwise, of the artist at work behind an image and, more broadly, of the constant tension between constructed and natural environments.