Main Gallery

Instructions Not Included

Curated by: Martha Lewis

November 9, 2012—January 26, 2013


El Mu Co: Scott Petersen & Brian Kane, Sibylle Grosjean, Fritz Horstman, Judith Klausner, Mary Little, Matt Ruby, Cory Smith, TJ Volonis, Helen Zajkowski, Robert Brush, Robyn Love, Ben Sloat, Elizabeth Whalley

Instructions Not Included constructed a visual discussion around the creative possibilities of readymade culture. The exhibition served as a forum for the re-examination of industrial design, our daily environment, and the objects we surround ourselves with. Throughout the project, artists offered homemade recipes and shared ideas for the re-contextualization of everyday goods to radical ends.

Artspace’s gallery, referencing its own history as a furniture factory, was converted into a workshop-cum-showroom throughout the exhibition. On display were objects that blur the lines between functional constructs and sculpture, often with a political or sustainable foundation. Shoes, cookies, furniture, and sculpture from some of the most inventive minds around were on exhibit, showcasing a full spectrum of ideas—from the elegant and functional to the sublimely quirky.

In addition to the exhibition, there were four artists-in-residence for the duration of the show; these artists collaborated together on short-term projects. Each of the artists occupied a portion of the showroom, with a desk area and visuals board to share their concepts, working process, and inspirations. Activating audiences outside of our galleries, and celebrating our historic building, is a key component of the show—in pursuit of this, we included a series of exterior projects by artists interested in enhancing the outside of the Chamberlain Building. Exterior projects included an ornate crocheted sign, a hacked neon sign, a flag banner, and a peep-show diorama.


  • Mary Little
  • Cory Smith
  • TJ Volonis
  • Helen Zajkowski

Exhibition Artists:

  • El Mu Co: Scott Petersen & Brian Kane
  • Sibylle Grosjean
  • Fritz Horstman
  • Judith Klausner
  • Mary Little
  • Matt Ruby
  • Cory Smith
  • TJ Volonis
  • Helen Zajkowski

With exterior projects by:

  • Robert Brush
  • Robyn Love
  • Ben Sloat
  • Elizabeth Whalley