Grrrls, Gurls, Gyrls

Curators: Lucy Soutter, Martin Kruck

May 23—June 30, 2001


Sarah Bedford, Mia Brownell, Elizabeth Demaray, Simone DiLaura, Angela Dufresne, Mandy Morrison, Erin Weckerle.

This show focused on the categories of girl and girlhood as sources of postfeminist empowerment. Contraty to popular belief, postfeminism isn’t a recent development, a badgirl backlash against some notion of political correctness. On the contrary, the term dates back to the late 1960s and describes the many strands of feminism dedicated to identity as difference rather than sisterly unity or biological sameness. While postfeminism has developed as a dynamic movement within universities, it has been misunderstood outside the academy as a form of anti-feminism. No wonder hardly anyone embraces the label “postfeminist” to describe herself. At its most basic, the term represents a rejection of fixed or stable feminine identity.