January 1, 1970

“When you are retelling a dream your memory relies on describing the scenery, uninvited guests and the accents of the dramatic dialogue that may occur. Dreaming is an unconscious recycling and rearranging – a resource for images.

Sigmund, Carl and Anna ran a group therapy session. Attendees of this group therapy session. Attendees of this group, who all happened to be artists, were André, Hannah, Salvador, Joseph, Marcel, Max and Man. They mostly discussed their dreams. I don’t know if they had health insurance to cover the costs of the sessions. The outcomes of these gatherings were presented to the public in the form of ink and paper, metal and wood, celluloid and pigment, found here and there. Artists today are still dreaming.

When falling asleep you are…tired and vulnerable, and that’s when a fresh bag of the day’s experiences, conversations and dilemmas are opened and become the beans for the brain grinder to percolate, filter and drip through your memory.

You wake up and, if you are nimble and quick with a quill and ink, you could write down your dream, tell the person next to you, or recite it to a nearby tape recorder or computer. The light, natural or artificial, blends your experience into a distant sound, taste or aroma, that evaporates slowly, like steam from your eyeglasses. The images or thread of story that surfaces during the day, may be a persistent gift from your dream life. Within minutes upon waking is when you can distill the vivid images of a night’s worth of dreams. Remaining is the imagery of inspiration.