Crown St. Window

Drag Me to Heaven

May 15—July 3, 2015


Petra Szilagyi, Mistina Hanscom

Petra Szilagyi and Mistina Hanscom, Drag me to Heaven series, 2016. Digital print, 35 × 40 inches.


“I create work because I encounter so much beauty on a daily basis, and I have a compulsive need to share it.  The works themselves are an interpretive retelling of the beautiful experiences I have had or imagine could be had. I seek to create moments of pause where senses are heightened and the mind pays service to the heart. I often encounter the sublime in camp, kitsch and/or the tenderly abject and I reflect that in my work. I like to play with gender, privilege and authenticity in my work and I am inspired by the fluidity of identity and the natural world.

Petra Szilagyi’s Drag Me to Heaven series, created in collaboration with photographer Mistina Hanscom, is a celebration of the individual’s ability to traverse seemingly fixed properties about one’s identity: namely class, gender and character.”  — Petra Szilagyi, 2015.

The Crown Street Window Project invites artists to make street-facing installations along the Crown Street side of Artspace’s gallery. Artists create unique works of art in dialogue with the street and the community, utilizing the visibility offered by this location.