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Dispersion: City-Wide Open Studios 2009 Juried Exhibition

Dina Deitsch

September 17—October 31, 2009


Kwadwo Adae, Amy Arledge, John Bent, Meg Bloom, Frank Bruckmann, Matthew Capezzuto, Dave Coon, Courtney Dauwalder, Leila Daw, Geoffrey Detrani, Frank Gardner, Barbara Hocker, Andrew Hogan, Brian Huff, John Jessen, Robert Kirschbaum, Jaime Kriksciun, Barbara O’Shea, Suzan Shutan, Joseph Smolinski, Robert Thomas, Rita Valley, Kevin Van Aelst, Cara Vickers-Kane, Jonathan Weinberg and Christopher White

Artspace is pleased to announce the opening reception for the City-Wide Open Studios juried exhibition, Dispersion, on October 2, 2009 in conjunction with the Open Studios Kickoff Party. As the term “dispersion” refers to the process by which a wavelength of light can refract to produce a prism effect, the exhibition explores how artists disperse objects and messages to form variations on indexical relationships and narrative structures. The exhibition will focus on the diverse methods of twenty-seven artists’ approaches to space and material relationships. Artspace is also pleased to introduce Dina Deitsch, Assistant Curator of the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Massachusetts, as this year’s guest juror. Deitsch has chosen the twenty-seven artists from our CWOS pool of two hundred and forty artist profiles to present in five Artspace galleries.

Ms. Deitsch is currently working on her Ph.D. at the Institute of Fine Arts at New
York University in New York City, and holds an M.A. in art history from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. She has coordinated and curated several award- winning exhibitions including Carlson/Strom: New Performance Video; Old, Weird America; many annual exhibitions at the DeCordova, and an upcoming 2010 DeCordova Biennial. Her writing has been featured in Phaidon Press’s Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography; Visualizing Rituals: Critical Analysis of Art and Ritual Practice; in various art magazines and journals including Art Papers, C Magazine, Art Fairs International, Threshold, NY Arts, Big Red and Shiny: An Art Journal; and in many exhibition catalogues including Laylah Ali Note Drawings (2008). Dispersion is intended to provide an unbiased, scholarly position on contemporary art, to further engage the local arts community, and to support Connecticut’s emerging artists.

Artists and visitors are also encouraged to attend the Open Studios Kickoff Party on October 2nd from 6 to 8pm, the Open Studios Weekend from October 3rd through the 4th, and all upcoming happy hours at Artspace.