Project Room

Bedroom: Cayla Lockwood

Artist: Cayla Lockwood

October 2—November 19, 2015

Cayla Lockwood, Bedroom, 2017.

We are alone in the world

I have half a bag of Doritos® 

We could share

Space is a lonely place. It just goes on and on forever, an infinity of galaxies, stars, and dust. It is large and full of hope, but the kind of hope that’s only about 10% going to work out. Our bodies are like planets. You can’t leave your body and visit another body. 
 It’s incredibly lonely.

My work exists in the resulting loneliness, melancholy, and failure that occurs when we seek failed solutions to utopian desires. Always being in reach of the truth without ever finding it. I am interested in small moments with large feelings.

Longing for intimacy, a desperate desire to connect, the kind of lonely that happens at three in the morning when your lover has fallen asleep before you. Or when you’re cel- ebrating in a room full of friends and all you can think of is how in the morning they will be gone, and you’ll have no one to eat toast with.