Project Room

(Art)iculate: SAP Alumni Show

Curator: Destiny Palmer

May 5—May 31, 2012

(Art)iculate is a show comprised of work by Artspace alumni whose artistic ventures and processes were supported by their involvement in the Summer Apprenticeship Program. The show invites past participants to return and share new artwork in a space to which they have a close relationship.

Artspace’s Summer Apprenticeship Program was founded in 2001 to provide a unique opportunity for New Haven high school students to work intimately with a Master Artist for a few weeks every summer. Each year, the Apprentices complete a major group project, which is displayed prominently in Artspace’s gallery (or in The Lot, our outdoor exhibition space) and is celebrated by the public. Featuring artists: Julian Davie, Gabriela Margarita De Jesus, Anessa Jackson, Erika Lindgren, Tamara Lombard, Jessica Protsko, Sarah Rivera, Milcaly Rodriguez, Olivia St. John, Alaina Varrone, and Cecilia Wright. Curated by Destiny Palmer.

(Art)iculate was made possible by the generous support of Webster Bank.