Main Gallery

101 Dresses

Curators: Linda Lindroth and Denise Markonish

May 9—June 23, 2007

Names listed below.


This exhibition celebrates the intersection of fashion and contemporary art. On view will be 101+ examples of dresses in all media, by a mix of local and national visual artists, in addition to the work of fashion designers and collectors. The exhibition takes its inspiration from Eleanor Estes’ 1944 classic Newbery award-winning children’s book, The Hundred Dresses. Eleanor Estes lived and worked as a public librarian in New Haven, and many of the book’s illustrations are of local streets.

Anni Abbi
Allen Art
Nina Bentley
Marianne Bernstein
Kathlees Bitetti
Susan Breen
Zoe Brookes
Donnamaria Bruton
Kelset Byers
Harriet Caldwell
Rachael Vaters-Carr
Lisa Costanzo
Maryjean Viano Crowe
R. Crumb
Jennifer Davies & Nancy Eisenfeld
Steven DiGiovanni
Valerie Ferus
Joan Fitzimmons
Roberta Friedman
Joan Gardner
Valerie Garlick
Mario Giacomelli
Stephen Grossman
Marisa Jahn & Steve Shada
Maria Kalman
Barbara Kilpatrick
Lonnie Long
Lady McCrady
Charlotte McCurdy
Carey McDougall
Jane Miller
Barbara Morgan
Andy Mowbray
Alan Neider
Alexis Neider
Yoko Ono
Zac Posen
J. Morgan Puett
Shannon Rankin
Karen Ruenitz
Karen Shaw
Zoe Sheehan
Jean Shin
Laurie Simmons
Louis Slobodkin
Alice Smith
Mimi Smith
Esther Solondz
Christina Spiesel
Willian Steig
Studio 5050
Rashmi Talpade
Robert Taplin
Ari Tabei
Rita Valley
Andy Warhol
Jonathan Waters
Jemma Williams
Aicha Woods