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Drop in Drawing

Students in grades 8-12 and attending New Haven Public Schools are welcome to participate in a 2-hour free drawing session hosted by Artspace New Haven. Materials will be provided.

With our partners at the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop we will also offer a 45 minute bike ride as part of our Wednesday Drop-In Drawing sessions (weather permitting). The collaboration will include access to bike rentals, safety gear, and a tour guide.

  • Mask wearing is absolutely mandatory and must be worn properly, covering the nose and the mouth. There will be no exceptions
  • All participants have to wash their hands before and after each session
  • All art supplies are sanitized by staff before and after use
  • Participants are not allowed to physically touch one another. This is to decrease the chance of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus
  • Absolutely no one who is symptomatic of COVID-19 or any other contagious illnesses is allowed to participate. They can return when their symptoms are gone, have received a negative COVID test, and are no longer at risk of infecting others. This is to ensure the safety of both students and staff
  • Students in grades 8th-12th are allowed to participate
  • Only 15 participants are allowed at a time. Students are encouraged to pre-register at least an hour in advance.

This event is free, please register here.