Digital Flatfile Exhibitions

Seeing the Structure

Curated by: Madelaine O’Brien

Featured Artists: Alexis Brown, Alisa Dworsky, Stephen Grossman, Rachel Hellerich, Katie Jurkiewicz, Maria Lara-Whelpley, Martha Lewis, Irene K. Miller, Jeff Slomba

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individual vs. crowd

Curated by: Chandler Caso

Featured Artists: Colin Burke, Tim Campbell, Karen Dow, Alisa Dworsky, Caitlin Foster, Kathryn Frund, Robert Gregson, Willard Lustenader, Robin Sherin.

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HAND in rotation

Curated by: Kathleen Giordano

Featured Artists: Kevin Van Aelst, Cynthia Back, Claudia Cron, Phyllis Crowley, Alyse Rosner

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Into and out of

Curated by: Liana Ambrose-Murray

Featured Artists: David Coon, Karen Dow, Barbara Hocker, Hong Hong

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Curated by: Katie Jurkiewicz

Featured Artists: Colin Burke, Sarah Gustafson, Insook Hwang, Evan Levine, Barbara Marks, Amy Pryor, Carol Radsprecher, Roxanne Faber Savage, Liz Pagano, Mark Williams

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