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December Collector of the Month: Neal Feigenson and Ellen Eisenberg

“I like to wake up in the morning and look at beautiful things all around me” says Ellen Eisenberg, about the art-filled Woodbridge home she shares with husband Neal Feigenson “Looking at art, going to galleries, and to the annual International Print Fair are the things we love to do together”. Ellen grew up in a family who appreciated the visual arts and who also loved to collect, and she shares that passion, evident in the collection of prints and paintings of both emerging and renown artists.

For the last two years, the couple has enlisted their daughter Gabrielle in spotting things to acquire during City-Wide Open Studios, this year taking home a work by Jessica David, and last year, by Stephen Grossman. One recurring motif is the figure, exemplified in the works by the artist most represented in their collection, John Keefer. They met through CWOS and over the past decade, have commissioned the artist to create several family portraits. Their first piece (visible in the image below) is Keefer’s own daughter at her prom.

Another prize is a photograph taken by Allen Ginsberg of Ellen’s father, a surgeon. Ginsberg had had his gallbladder removed, and then made a portrait of his doctor, finishing it with the distinctive handwritten caption for which he became known.