City-Wide Open Studios Press Coverage


New Haven Independent 11/4/19 Slattery, Brian.  City-Wide Open Studios Stitches It Together

Connecticut Art Review 11/1/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez

Yale News 10/30/19 Gonzalez, Susan. This weekend: Artists take on the beauty industrial complex

Arts Paper 10/30/19 Mysore, Meghana. Mengxi ‘Althea’ Rao Strikes Up The Vagina Chorus

Connecticut Art Review 10/29/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Edgar Serrano

Connecticut Art Review 10/26/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Kwadwo Adae

New Haven Register 10/25/19 Amarante, Joe.  Generations mix for City-Wide Open Studios’ Alternative Space Weekend

Connecticut Art Review 10/22/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Kiara Matos

Arts Paper 10/21/19 Huckabey, Ashleigh. Speed Daters Beat The Rain

CT Patch 10/18/19. Branford’s Martha Link Walsh Exhibits at City-Wide Open Studios

Connecticut Art Review 10/15/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Rashmi Talpade

Yale News 10/17/19. The Week Ender: Happenings Oct. 18-20

The Ridgefield Press 10/15/2019 Craven, TinaMarie. Art collective to pass on message at New Haven show.

Connecticut Art Review 10/15/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Oi Fortin

Arts Paper 10/15/19 Andelsmith, Leah. Marlinworks Artists Show and Tell

Connecticut Art Review 10/11/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Howard el-Yasin

New Haven Register 10/10/19 Doherty, Donna. Branford artist Daw explores places, threads & a frayed environment

Connecticut Art Review 10/8/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Jennifer Davies

WPKN 10/7/2019 City -Wide Open Studios interview with Helen Kauder (minute 28:20)

Connecticut Art Review 10/4/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Joseph Saccio

Daily Nutmeg 10/4/2019 Leonard Czepiel, Kathy.  22 Years Young

New Haven Independent 10/3/2019 Slattery, Brian. CWOS Talks About The Generations

Yale Daily News 10/3/2019 Savla, Freya. Artspace celebrates City-Wide Open Studios festival

Arts Paper 10/2/2019 Gellman, Lucy. City-Wide Commissions Come Into Being

Yale News 10/2/2019 Gonzalez, Susan. Staff members’ creativity will be on display during City-Wide Open Studios

Arts Paper 10/1/2019 Gellman, Lucy. Hamden Artists Mix Away The Monday Blues

Connecticut Art Review 10/1/19 Gleisner, Jacquelyn. The Million-Petaled Flower of Being Here | Ann P. Lehman

New Haven Register 9/28/19 Scarpa, Steven.  City-Wide Open Studios colors 4 fall weekends in New Haven with art


Yale Medicine Magazine; Autumn 2018; Curtis, John. City-Wide Open Studios Explores Wellbeing at Yale West Campus

Daily Nutmeg 11/2/2018 Mims, Dan. Altered State

Yale Daily News 10/30/2018 Peryer, Marisa. Vacant West Campus Building transforms into Art Space

I Love New Haven 10/28/2018 Busby, Leigh. I Know You So Well

New Haven Independent 10/28/2018 Slattery, Brian. City-Wide Open Studios Goes to the Office

New Haven Register 10/27/2018 City-Wide Open Studios at Yale West Campus 

Arts Paper 10/26/2018 Gellman, Lucy. Isaac Bloodworth Cranks Into City-Wide

Yale News 10/24/2018 Gonzalez, Susan. West Campus ready to host the final weekend of CWOS arts festival

New Haven Independent 10/15/2018 Slattery, Brian. Artists Make Barn Into Memory Palace

Daily Nutmeg 10/12/2018 Mims, Dan. Art Attack

Yale News 10/12/2018 Belli, Brita. Two art alumni join forces to create special installation for City-Wide Open Studios

Yale Daily News 10/9/2018 Besche, John. Artspace kicks off 21st open studios event

New Haven Independent 10/8/2018 Slattery, Brian.  Erector Square Artists Change It Up

The Arts Paper 10/8/2018 Ollsten, NJ. CWOS Takes A Deep Breath, And Kicks Off

I Love New Haven 10/6/2018 Busby, Leigh. Opening Reception for Artspace CWOS 2018 by Leigh Busby.

Daily Nutmeg 10/5/2018 Czepiel, Kathy Leonard. Near and Wide

Yale News 10/3/2018 Gonzalez, Susan. In CWOS, Yale affiliates will show art at sites including West Campus

New Haven Register 9/27/2018 Amarante, Joe. City-Wide Open Studios: 3 weekends of art, with special projects on wellness theme

CT Post 9/25/2017 Amarante, Joe. City-Wide Open Studios kicks off 3 weekends of art with party/reception Oct. 5

New Haven Independent 9/21/2018 Slattery, Brian. Elm City Arts Scene Opens Wide

Yale Alumni Magazine Sept/Oct 2018 Lester, Caroline. New Haven’s artistic Okotoberfest

Improper Bostonian 5/18/2018 Kearnan, Scott. Hipster Haven

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