Connecticut’s leading forum for visual artists returns to New Haven every October. City-Wide Open Studios invites the public to meet hundreds of visual artists, in studio and alternative spaces across New Haven, and to learn about the creative process. Nearly 300 artists will take part in the festival over the course of three consecutive weekends. Each weekend features different workspaces in New Haven; in all, more than 60 sites will be open. A grand opening reception, free and open to the public, takes place at Artspace on Friday, October 5, from 5:00–8:00 PM, followed by late night festivities throughout Ninth Square.

To mark the 15th year, Artspace has invited artists to draw inspiration from the crystal, whether in chemical, mathematical, geological, or polished form. Special themed tours and exhibitions will take place; prepare to be dazzled. In collaboration with Project Storefronts, the public is invited to the opening night Crystal Ball. Other special events are listed on the calendar and more will be announced in the coming weeks.

During the first weekend (October 6/7), visitors are invited to explore New Haven, Hamden, and West Haven to discover the area’s hidden artistic gems—the individual studios and small group spaces scattered throughout downtown and residential neighborhoods. A special gathering of artists making functional objects—furniture and crafts—will be featured at 14 Gilbert Street. A free, guided bike tour departs both Saturday and Sunday at 12:30 PM from the Devil’s Gear bike shop at 360 State Street (enter on Orange). Walking tours TBA.

The second weekend (October 13/14) features artists and demonstrations at Erector Square, 315 Peck Street, New Haven. Erector Square is New Haven’s largest concentration of studios, in a series of buildings that once housed the factory making Erector Sets; today over 100 artists maintain studios there. Studio Maps will be available at the entrance, along with a schedule of demonstrations. The visit is free; $5 donation is suggested. The studios will be open from 12:00–5:00 PM.

The third weekend (October 20/21) will feature the Alternative Space, at the vacant, midcentury, New Haven Register Building, off of I-95. Admission is free;  a $5 donation is suggested. The Alternative Space will be open from 12:00–5:00 PM.

Participating Artists

Phillip Alexander
Corina Alvarezdelugo
Hil Anderson
Scott Andrews
Michael Angelis
Aspasia Patti Anos
Ian Applegate
Amy Arledge
Sideways & Askew
Sophie Aston
Lani Asuncion
Judy Atlas
Anna Held Audette
Cat Balco
Anita Balkun
Janice Barnish
Karen Bartone
Hayne Bayless
Jeff Becker
Meg Bloom
Paul Bloom
Ethan Boisvert
Joan Bombalicki
Vito Bonanno
Laura Boyer
Rita Brieger
Jay Bright
Anna Broell Bresnick
adrien Broom
Alexis Brown
Jodi Brown
Frank Bruckmann
Colin Burke
Claudine Burns Smith
Hanna Calcagni
Leslie Carmin
Jeff Carter
Jeremy Chandler
Hillary Charnas
Tracie Cheng
Susan Clinard
Julia Coash
Lucienne Coifman
George Corsillo
Heidi Coutu
Megan Craig
Giada Crispiels
Patricia Croke
Claudia Cron
Phyllis Crowley
Ryan Cyr
Matty Dagradi
Susan D'Angelo
Paul Daukas Jr.
Jennifer Davies
Richard Davis
Isabelle Day
Gabriela Margarita De Jesus
Kathleen DeMeo
Geoffrey Detrani
Tony Donovan
Karen Dow
Thomas Drew
Emilia Dubicki
Conrad Duenkel
Lambert Edelmann
Eileen Eder
Chris Engstrom
Pam Erickson
Thea Ernest
Susan Ernst
Camille Eskell
Chad Etting
Daniel Eugene
John Fallon
Cathy Farrell
Anoka Faruqee
Joe Fekieta
Silas Finch
Joan Fitzsimmons
Oi Fortin
Andrew Francis
Kathryn Frund
Francine Funke
Maura Galante
Jean Galli
Michael Galvin
Chris Gardner
Peter Gardner
Laura Gardner
Greg Garvey
Craig Gilbert
Jane Gilman Fleischner
Robin Gilmore Jopp
Allan Greenier
Robert Gregson
Ken Grimes
Stephen Grossman
Joseph Guddemi
Sarah Gustafson
Ellen Hackl Fagan
George Hale
Mistina & Luke Hanscom
James Hardy
Sidney Harris
Louise Harter
Kevin Harty
Cham Hendon
Sarah Hendon
Elissa Hine
Willie Hoffman
Morgan Hollins
Brian Huff
Eric Iannucci
Nicole Iovanne
Julita Januszewska
Noe Jimenez
Keith Johnson
Jilaine Jones
Christopher Joy
Clint Jukkala
Jean Alexandre Kandalaft
Kathy Kane
Kelley Kapfer-Kapp
Nestor Kaplan
John Keefer
Zachary Keeting
Lisa Kereszi
Jaime Kriksciun
Janet Lage
Mary Lesser
Martha Lewis
Evie Lindemann
Linda Lindroth
Robert Lisak
Faber Lorne
Karleen Loughran
Karleen Loughran
Beth Lovell
Rebecca Lowry
Will Lustenader
Denise Lysak
Andres Madariaga
Dan Makara
Paris Mancini
Barbara Marks
Ariela Martin
S McGregor
William Meddick
Fethi Meghelli
David Mel
Irene K. Miller
Christian Miller
Denise Miller
Courtney Miller-Rao
New Haven Mineral Club
Christohper Mir
Maria Morabito
Larry Morelli
Jeff Mueller
Sigrun Müller
Susan Nally
Alan Neider
Raheem Nelson
Margot Nimiroski
Jordan Nodelman
Douglas Nygren
Ann Oberkirch
Office of the Yale University Printer
Diana Ofosu
Judith Barbour Osborne
David Ottenstein
Liz Pagano
Paier College of Art
Ellen Papciak-Rose
Sophia Peters
Jacob Pongratz
Caleb Portfolio
Mark Previtt
Elizabeth Protzman
Derrick Quevedo
Chris Randall
Thomas Regner
Valerie Richardson
Stephen Rodriguez
Margaret Roleke
Cynthia Rubin
Joseph Saccio
Ruth Sack
Gerald Saladyga
Kerri Sancomb
Noel Sardalla
Mark Savoia
Marcus Schaefer
Dana Scinto
John Scully
Valerie Seldon
Lisa Shoglow
Kyle Skar
Melissa Slattery
Kathleen Smits
Anita Soos
Christina Spiesel
Mark St. Mary
Randall Stanton
Jeffrey Starkes
Kate Stephen
Kevin Stevens
Michael Stock
Rashmi Talpade
Paul Theriault
Kathleen Thomas
Robert Thomas
Sara Thomas
David K Thompson
Rita Valley
Kevin Van Aelst
Catherine Vanaria
Frederick Velardi
Marga Veldhuizen
Thuan Vu
Marah June Wallach
Tracy Walter Ferry
Brian Walters
Gar Waterman
Jonathan Waters
Jonathan Weinberg
Brian Wendler
Karen Wheeler
Elizabeth White
Christa Whitten
Jim Whitten
JoAnne Wilcox
Glenn Williams
Linda Wingerter
Marjorie Wolfe
Jeff Wrench
Don Wunderlee
Dan Yagmin Jr
Gerald York
Kristina Zallinger
Robert Zott