City-Wide Open Studios 2016

October 7–November 13, 2016

Each year, City-Wide Open Studios adopts a theme that prompts artists and visitors to reflect on and engage around issues that impact our community. This year, Artspace invited artists and organizations to respond to the universal appeal, power, influence, and impact of games and sports.

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Westville Weekend

October 8–9
A new weekend to celebrate the collaborative community quickening the pulse in Westville.

Armory Weekend

October 15–16
Eight commissioned projects that harness game structures to bring people together, and a youth basketball tournament to celebrate teens reaching new heights.

Private Studios Weekend

October 22–23
Community-driven cell phone apps brought to you by Site Projects, a Food Mandala game at the Ely Center for Contemporary Art, and cycling tours to see it all.

Erector Square Weekend

October 29–30
A unique, open-door invitation to visit over 100 local professional artists with year-round studios in the old Erector Set toy factory.

November Programs

November 4–13
More ways for people to come together around the vital activity of the upcoming election.





Urban Totems

By: Gordon Skinner
Location: The Armory

The totem is a transformational object that, often through the integration of assemblage and found objects, represent a spiritual focal point for a community or tribe. Urban Totems is a series of makeshift basketball hoops installed to create an interactive environment both for play and to make other ways of relating to urban space visible. The artist-made ‘zines that will accompany this project will reinforce the power of found objects through found imagery.

Competitive Volume

By: Christie DeNizio
Location: Armory

A nod to David Hammons’s altered basketball hoops, Competitive Volume invites visitors to shoot colorful balls into two hoops connected by a 100-foot mesh tube. No one wins, no one scores, no one gets the rebound, but everyone modifies the composition.

Harvest Mandala

By: Nadine Nelson
Location: John Slade Ely House, 51 Trumbull St, New Haven

Nadine Nelson, social activist and chef of Global Local Gourmet, will bring her roving community supported kitchen to the John Slade Ely House during City-Wide Open Studios. Her kitchen will be open to the public during the Private Studios, Saturday, October 22 and Sunday October 23. She will accept food donations that will go to a communal pantry and become “game” for 5-minute creative feasts. Nelson will encourage visitors to “play with their food,” with the goal of interpreting the food in the pantry into three-course meals mandalas.

Journey of Discovery

By: Scott Schuldt
Location: Goffe St Armory

Inspired by the Lewis & Clark expedition, this scavenger hunt will send you on a search for clues hidden throughout the Armory. Winners take home a unique work of art.

People Puzzle

Bob Gregson & Melanie Carr
Location: Goffe St Armory

Connecting with others was never so much fun! Don a giant puzzle piece and join puzzle parts with others. Feeling independent? Build a new structure!

Total Jump

By: Caitlin Foley and Misha Rabinovich
Location: Goffe St Armory

How in sync are we? This video game trains up to 8 people to jump and land at the same time. Participants stand on floor mats with electronic sensors. Could preparing for a world-wide jump help us transcend our divisions?

There will be a scheduled total jump at the opening reception on October 7 at 6pm and at the Armory on October 15 at 5pm and October 16 at 5pm.

Find It! Friend It!

Location: Across New Haven during Private Studios weekend

Test your New Haven art smarts as you decode the clues, track down the artworks, and make new discoveries in this scavenger-hunt style game. Pair up in teams of 2 or more to decipher the clues. Each clue includes a visual fragment and a written hint from 15 artworks — 10 on display at City Wide Open Studios and 5 public artworks. Chart your course using the game map, visit each site, and post team selfies to Facebook as evidence.

FIND IT! FRIEND IT!, CWOS 2016 is not a race, so leave your running shoes at home and embrace your inner tortoise. Make new friends! Talk to artists! Enjoy the artworks! And then tell us what you learned. Locate and experience all 15, and you could be the first FIND IT! FRIEND IT! Champion … and go home with the GRAND PRIZE!

The Way Things Felt

By: Megan Craig
Location: Goffe St Armory

Up to 40 players are invited to create a composition. Pick a suit, choose a colorful shape, enter a 20-foot room covered with black felt, and take on the role of “painter”, “eraser”, or “surface”.

Dr. Plinko

By: Adam Berkwitt & Phil Lique
Location: Goffe St Armory

Inspired by The Price is Right, Dr. Plinko is a collaboration between physicians and artists that contemplates the absurdity surrounding pricing and profiteering within the American healthcare system. Can that price really be right?

Projet InSitu: La Ronde (The Round)

Location: Goffe St Armory
Dates: October 8-16

Come along on an immersive audio tour, created by French choreographic duo Martin Chaput and Martial Chazallon. Escape into your earbuds and explore the Armory’s industrial spaces while area artists install their work and welcome visitors. Your audio accomplices will provide instructions that encourage you to investigate the space with a fresh perspective.

A co-production by the International Festival of Arts & Ideas and Artspace. Funded in part by the Expeditions program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional support from the six New England state arts agencies.





National Endowment for the Arts, New Alliance Foundation, State of Connecticut’s Office of the Arts, Yale University, WSHU Public Radio

Participating Artists

Participating Artists

  • Rashmi
  • bimshwel
  • Dionamic
  • Sara Abalan
  • Adae Fine Art Academy
  • Faustin Adeniran
  • Eduardo Alvarez
  • Corina S. Alvarezdelugo
  • Jonathan Amici
  • Christian Ammon
  • Hil Anderson
  • Aspasia Anos
  • John Arabolos
  • Amy Arledge
  • Marilynn Arm
  • Anne W. Arnstein
  • Seniasbel Arocho
  • West River Arts
  • East Street Arts
  • Lani Asuncion
  • Judy Atlas
  • Laurie S Auth
  • Caryn Azoff
  • Chris Barnard
  • Michael Barton-Sweeney
  • Jason Baskette
  • Wyatt Baum
  • Miguel G. Benitez
  • Binnie Birstein
  • Meg Bloom
  • Sonia Bombart
  • Michelle Bradford
  • Sarah J. Bratchell
  • Johanna Bresnick
  • Anna Broell Bresnick
  • Janet Brodie
  • Connie Brown
  • Alexis Brown
  • Connie Brown
  • Julie Kahn Brown
  • Frank Bruckmann
  • Monica Bunton
  • Eóin Burke
  • Colin Burke
  • Marc Burns
  • Leigh Busby
  • Anelisa Calmet
  • Alicia Caraballo
  • Eileen Carey
  • Leslie Carmin
  • Leah Caroline
  • Francisco Del Carpio
  • Antonio Carvalho
  • Kenneth Champlin
  • Tracie Cheng
  • David S. Chorney
  • Crystal Claire
  • Susan Clinard
  • Julia Coash
  • Kieran Coleman
  • The Suffrage Collective
  • Johnaker Propaganda Company
  • Jeanette Compton
  • Justine Compton
  • Rosemary Cotnoir
  • Larry Cowles
  • Nicole Croce
  • Ron Crowcroft
  • Jan Cunningham
  • Terry Dagradi
  • Angel Dahfay
  • Lori Datlow
  • Jessica David
  • Jennifer Davies
  • Erich Davis
  • Leila Daw
  • Nick DeDo
  • Kathleen (Cathy) DeMeo
  • Geoffrey Detrani
  • Steven DiGiovanni
  • Afsaneh Djabbari-Aslani
  • Bette Donahoe
  • Anne Doris-Eisner
  • Cat (Catherine) Duffield
  • André Eamiello
  • Jennifer Van Elswyk
  • Sally Ann Endleman
  • Eric Epstein
  • Daniel Eugene
  • Paola Evangelista
  • John T Fallon
  • Matthew J. Feiner
  • Joe Fekieta
  • Chris Ferguson
  • Silas Finch
  • Joan Fitzsimmons
  • Jane Gilman Fleischner
  • Brian Flinn
  • Heide Follin
  • Jose Fontanez
  • Oi Fortin
  • Julie Fraenkel
  • Scott D. Friedman
  • William Frucht
  • Kathryn Frund
  • Francine Funke
  • Howard Fussiner
  • Maura Galante
  • City Gallery
  • Paier College of Art | Molly Gambardella
  • Peter Gardner
  • Valerie Garlick
  • William Geleneau
  • Edwin Gendron
  • Martin Gent
  • Sergei Gerasimenko
  • Craig Gilbert
  • Leslie Giuliani
  • Nancy Gladwell
  • Ellen Gordon
  • Deborah Greco
  • Robin Green
  • Eliška Morsel Greenspoon
  • Robert Gregson
  • Dan Gries
  • Stephen Grossman
  • Sarah Gustafson
  • Mohamad Hafez
  • Patricia Haley
  • Violet Harlow
  • Clymenza Hawkins
  • Stephen Henderson
  • Emily Herberich
  • Debbie Hesse
  • Lisa Hess Hesselgrave
  • Karen Hibbs
  • Willie Hoffman
  • Shaunda Holloway
  • Greyson Hong
  • Michael Horseman
  • Ellen Hoverkamp
  • Susan L. Huff
  • Eric Iannucci
  • EcoWorks, Inc.
  • Mariah Isely
  • St. James
  • Noe Jimenez
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Jacqueline Jones
  • Katie Jurkiewicz
  • Jean A. Kandalaft
  • Nancy Karpel
  • Kyle Kearson
  • john keefer
  • Luanne Kemp
  • Suzanne Kirschner
  • Amen Ra- Ghosta Knowstra
  • Nikki Korth
  • Michael David Kozlowski
  • Abbie Kundishora
  • Janet Lage
  • Constance LaPalombara
  • Maria Lara-Whelpley
  • Hannah Leckman
  • Jennifer Leniart
  • Mary Lesser
  • Wendy Lewis
  • martha w lewis
  • M Flower (Martha J. Ligos)
  • Evie Lindemann
  • Linda Lindroth
  • Robert Lisak
  • Karleen Loughran
  • Beth Lovell
  • Owen Sea Luckey
  • David lyman
  • Martie Mackay
  • Tom W Mahoney
  • Eric March
  • Oana Sanziana Marian
  • Lillianna Marie
  • Charles Maring
  • Barbara Marks
  • Sabrina Marques
  • Mark K. St. Mary
  • Kiara Matos
  • Paier College of Art | Erica Matulis
  • Zeb Mayer
  • Mary Anne McCarthy
  • Susan McCaslin
  • Rosemary McClain
  • S McGregor
  • William Meddick
  • allison meyler
  • Yegor Mikushkin
  • Irene K. Miller
  • Christian Miller
  • Jane Miller
  • Lori Miller
  • Duncan Milne
  • David Lee Moneypenny
  • George Corsillo/Design Monsters
  • Maria Morabito
  • Larry Morelli
  • Liz Mullins
  • Susan Nally
  • Theresa Nast
  • Raheem “Ra” Nelson
  • Lisa Nichols
  • Margot Nimiroski
  • Alexandra Novak
  • Sean O’Brien
  • Christopher O’Flaherty
  • Tom Obligado
  • Beatriz R Olson
  • Hilary Opperman
  • David Ottenstein
  • Liz Pagano
  • Matthew Paolillo
  • Ellen Papciak
  • Douglas Drew Papuga
  • L. Jesse Peck
  • Sophia Peters
  • Barbara Phoenix
  • Hannah Plotke
  • Dexterity Press
  • Marion Pritchard
  • Lucy Q.
  • Abbie Rabinowitz
  • Sandy Rabinowitz
  • Cathy Wilson Ramin
  • Shilo Ratner
  • Betsy Ratner
  • Thomas Reilly
  • Tim Reimer
  • Ave Rivera
  • Nick Robinson
  • Anna Robinson-Sweet
  • Susan Rogol
  • Ave Rivera
  • Nick Robinson
  • Anna Robinson-Sweet
  • Susan Rogol
  • Ruth Sack
  • Annie Sailer
  • Gerald Saladyga
  • Steve Sangapore
  • Juan Sarias
  • Martha Savage
  • Niko Scharer
  • Gay E. Schempp
  • Dana Scinto
  • Suzan Scott
  • John Scully
  • Shayna Segal
  • Semi Semi-Dikoko
  • Edgar Serrano
  • Meghan Shah
  • Megan Shaughnessy
  • Polly Shindler
  • Suzan Shutan
  • Anna Sincavage
  • Michael Sloan
  • Jeff Slomba
  • Claudine Burns Smith
  • Paier College of Art | Debra Smith
  • Brittany Solem
  • Deborah Speese-Linehan
  • Jeffrey Starkes
  • Marcela Staudenmaier
  • Thomas Stavovy
  • Alice Steinhardt
  • Kate Stephen
  • Kevin Stevens
  • Matt Stevens
  • John Sweeney
  • Mindplow Public Televison
  • Robert Thomas
  • Dr. Ivan Tirado
  • Courtney E. Tracy
  • Cesar Valdes
  • Eliza Shaw Valk
  • Katya Vetrov
  • Nicki Vitali
  • Rachel Volpone
  • Anahita Vossoughi
  • Amanda Walker
  • Amanda Ward
  • Gar Waterman
  • Peter Webster
  • Brian Wendler
  • Ben Westbrock
  • Karen Wheeler
  • Holly Whiting
  • Christa Whitten
  • JoAnne Wilcox
  • Mark Williams
  • Marian Wittink
  • Mary Wolff
  • don wunderlee
  • MK Wynn
  • Guimi You
  • Paier College of Art | Michael Zabivnik
  • Kristina Zallinger
  • Julian Zeidler
  • Amie Ziner
  • Sue Zola
  • Paier College of Art | Sara Zunda
  • Mark Zurolo