Westville is home to a bustling community of artists who live and work in private studios and shared work spaces.  The artists are known for their technical skills, attention to craftsmanship and interest in experimentation, which they approach in a variety of mediums, including the traditional arts (painting, drawing, photography and sculpture), new media (photography, video and graphic design), performance, music and craft (earthenware, puppetry).

You know you’ve arrived when you spot the town’s signature row of red, orange and yellow yarn-bombed trees stretching across Whalley Ave just past the antique sign at Lyric Hall theater.  In 2016, Westville’s Lotta Studio launched The Range, a creative co-working space that has become a melting pot and meeting space for artists, freelance creatives and coworking individuals.  Westville is known for its community mindedness, high energy and aptness to embark on creative collective projects year round.  For CWOS 2015, they organized a gawker-worthy Steam Roller Printmaking Project on Central Street. Check out the new Westville Studios building, renovated and opened in the past year.

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Cyanotype Selfies – Saturday

Giant Puppet Making Workshop

Street Party on Central Ave.

Photography Presentation and Bird Talk


Cyanotype Selfies – Sunday

Get excited for Westville Weekend with this video from last year:

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