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CWOS 2017: Fract or Fiction?

As we integrate “fact-checking” into the way we consume social media and the news, we face a dilemma: what do we do when we know we are being lied to?

The 20th annual City-Wide Open Studios takes this uneasy question as a point of inquiry into four weekends of art-looking.  Artspace invites artists to submit a proposal for the production a new or ongoing work that explores the too tidy distinctions we make between “reality” and “illusion,” “fact” and “fiction,” and “history and myth.”  These proposals may reflect on our current political situation,introduce alternatives to this moment, or take a nuanced formalist approach, investigating, for example, the science of perception, memory, performance, and the promise of the speech-act.

Within this range of ideas, artists may address subjectivity as it relates to the experience of the individual or the collective.  Artists may also contemplate “fiction” as a portal for escape into a fantasy world, or “synthetic malleability” as a quality that allows us to define ourselves.

We are also interested in hearing from artists who seek refuge from this discussion completely, and work to make places that provide safety and care for the self and one another. Artspace will welcome proposals from a wide range of perspectives and will convene a review panel that will include individuals across arts disciplines and community development sectors.

Thanks to support from the National Endowment for the Arts, funding will be available for projects both large and small to be presented on one or more CWOS weekends. Proposals accepted HERE. Deadline March 15. Decisions announced May 1.


Opening Night October 6

Westville Weekend October 7/8

Armory Weekend October 14/15

Private Studios October 21/22

Erector Square October 28/29