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October 30—December 12, 2020

Curated by: Frank Mitchell

Lani Asuncion, Portrait of the artist in front of their background.

March 30—May 31, 2020

October 4—November 3, 2019

May 19—June 29, 2019

Curated by Sarah Fritchey and Aude Jomini

November 30, 2018—March 2, 2019

Curated by Sarah Fritchey


Artspace invites emerging and mid-career artists from all fields to apply for our one year Artist-in-Residence program. During this time, Artists-in-Residence will have round the clock access to one of two spaces: a private 250 sq. ft. first floor studio located in the back of Artspace.

2022 Summer Artspace Program

Youth Justice Design Collaborative

New Haven Public School Students worked with Lead Artist, Daniel Pizarro, to learn how art can be utilized as a tool for activism, organizing, and storytelling.

Virtual event

Workshop: Artist Websites

October 20, 2020